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Official (and Ever-Updating) Playlist of the Zombie/Nuclear Apocalypse

  1. Aim for the Head Creature Feature
  2. Radioactive Imagine Dragons
  3. Tomorrow Morrissey
  4. Close Up Frou Frou
  5. Existence Project Pitchfork/Zeromancer
  6. Zombie (Andrew Spencer Jumpstyle Remix) Andrew Spencer and The Cranberries
  7. Kill Me The Pretty Reckless
  8. Machinehead Bush
  9. Talons Bloc Party
  10. Meds Placebo
  11. Help I’m Alive Metric
  12. Die Young Ke$ha
  13. Runnin’ Cutline
  14. The Philosophical Zombie Slayer Peter Chiykowski/Ethan Mombourquette
  15. The Pit (Neck of the Woods) The Silversun Pickups
  16. Strangeness and Charm Florence + the Machine
  17. Imaginary Friends Zeromancer
  18. Monster Hospital Metric
  19. You Make Me Feel Cobra Starship ft. Sabi
  20. Major Minus Coldplay
  21. Let The Flames Begin Paramore
  22. Dark Wings Within Temptation
  23. Shake Me Down Cage the Elephant
  24. Trojans Atlas Genius
  25. A Love Song for the Post-Apocalypse Peter Chiykowski
  26. Zombie The Pretty Reckless
  27. Little Talks Of Monsters and Men
  28. Born to Die (Woodkid Remix) Lana Del Rey
  29. Pa Pa Power Dead Mans Bones
  30. Swallow Emilie Autumn
  31. Running Up That Hill Placebo


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